Sanders Wins Kansas and Nebraska Democratic Caucuses, Clinton Scores a Victory in Louisiana

Saturday marked the next round of states casting ballots in the 2016 race.

Here are the results:

Kansas (caucuses)

Sanders has won the Kansas Democratic caucuses.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Sanders won 68 percent of the vote compared to 32 percent for Clinton. Delegates are allocated proportionally and there is a 15% threshold so both candidates will get delegates.

Nebraska (caucuses)

With 89 percent of the precincts reporting, Sanders was projected to win the Nebraska Democratic caucuses.

  • Bernie Sanders: 56%
  • Hillary Clinton: 44%
  • Louisiana (primary)

  • Hillary Clinton: 71%
  • Bernie Sanders: 23%
  • Speaking Saturday night in Detroit, Michigan, Clinton congratulated Sanders for “running a strong campaign.”

    “I am thrilled we are adding to our pledged delegate count. I am grateful to everyone who turned out to support us,” she said. “But now all eyes turn to Michigan. And I can tell you this we’re going to work for every vote.”

    Clinton also criticized Republicans and said our politics has been “hijacked” by “extreme ideologues all across the country.”

    ABC's Liz Kreutz, Josh Haskell and Shushannah Walshe contributed reporting.