Biden pumps up Democrats, takes down Trump in speech to lawmakers

He dismisses talk of another run, but offers to help Democrats campaign in 2018.

"I have committed and I mean it — I will spend all the time any of you want me to making sure we win back the House," he said to a standing ovation.

But he declined to commit to a run for himself. His name has been touted as a possible challenger to President Donald Trump in 2020.

"Run, Joe, run," some one shouted as Biden came into the auditorium.

"No, no, no," the former vice president responded.

"This president is doing great damage," he said.

And, he added, Republicans are getting ready to attack entitlements like Medicare and Social Security.

"A lot of people are worried 'will there be any middle class jobs for me,'" he said. "We got to talk to them more. We have to let them know 'we hear you.'"

Biden, who is a popular figure in the party and helped campaign for now-Sen. Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate election in December, praised Democrats' chances in the midterms.

"We have a real opportunity to take back the House," he said. Democrats need to pick up 25 seats in order to take control in the lower chamber. The Senate is a tougher climb. The Democrats are defending 24 seats to the Republicans' eight, in addition to the two independents that caucus with them.

But Biden was optimistic.

"We actually have a chance of winning back the Senate too," he said. "It's a climb but it's a real."

Biden addressed House Democrats at the U.S. Capitol building where they are holding their annual issues conference. They were scheduled to be in Cambridge, Md., but that got changed so Democrats could be available to vote as needed on government funding measures.

He's also been doing a lot of media appearances to talk about his book "Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose."