Bill Kristol: Clinton Better Prepared for WH, But Carson Would Be Better President

PHOTO: Republican presidential candidate Ben CarsonGetty Images
(L-R) Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Manchester, N.H., Sept. 19, 2015. | Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson in Greenville, S.C., Sept. 18, 2015.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is better prepared for the White House than GOP hopeful Ben Carson, according to ABC News contributor Bill Kristol, but the editor of the Weekly Standard says Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, would be a better president.

"I don't think Ben Carson is as well prepared or as politically experienced as Hillary Clinton, but I think he'd be a better president. 'Preparation' and experience are somewhat overrated," Kristol said in an email to ABC News.

Read more of the interview with Kristol below.

1] Hillary Clinton’s debate performance was described by Jonathan Martin in the New York Times as "commanding." How do you think she did? Were you surprised that she was not more aggressively attacked by Bernie Sanders?

Kristol: Don't believe everything you read in the the New York Times! Hillary Clinton didn't do badly, but I doubt she won over anyone as a result of her debate performance. And the most replayed moment of the evening, when Sanders appeared to come to Clinton's defense on the emails, was better for Sanders than for her. Sanders appeared magnanimous and made himself more acceptable to Democrats who might be inclined to rally to Clinton when under Republican assault -- while subtly reminding viewers of Clinton's Achilles heel.

2] Speaking of the Democrats, would you advise Vice President Joe Biden to get into the race at this point? Or is it too late, as some have suggested?

Kristol: I've expected Joe Biden to run since the August 1 Maureen Dowd column. He should run, he will run, and he has a pretty decent chance to win. When you think about it, isn't Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren the logical Democratic ticket? He's a more sympathetic figure than Clinton; his nomination would come as close as you could get to an Obama third term and Democrats would like that; and Warren represents the ideological direction most Democrats would like to go in the future.

3] Let's move to the GOP. Do you think Ben Carson is better prepared for the presidency than Hillary Clinton? Do you think he has enough foreign policy experience to be the commander–in-chief?

Kristol: I don't think Ben Carson is as well prepared or as politically experienced as Hillary Clinton, but I think he'd be a better president. "Preparation" and experience are somewhat overrated.

4] How do you feel about the idea of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president?

Kristol: I'm not thrilled about the prospect, but I don't expect it.

5] David Brooks wrote recently that the "House Republican caucus is close to ungovernable these days." Do you agree? If Paul Ryan does not run for House speaker, who do you think could unite the Republicans?

Kristol: Ryan would be a good Speaker, but there are others who could also do the job well -- Jeb Hensarling, Peter Roskam, and Mike Pompeo for starters. It's amusing to see crocodile tears for the 2015 House Republicans shed by people who denounced them in 2011 and 2013. In any case, a little turmoil and chaos could well turn out to be good for them.