Caitlyn Jenner Says It's Hard to Be a Trans Republican as Ben Carson Slams Community as 'Absurd'

A day before, Dr. Ben Carson called "this whole transgender thing" "absurd."

A day before, former presidential candidate Carson called the trans community "the height of absurdity," and equated transitioning to changing your ethnicity.

"This is how absurd we have become," Carson added, receiving laughter and applause from the audience.

Jenner and Carson's respective remarks highlight the fundamental divisions within the Republican Party as it attempts to present a unified front. The convention got off to a chaotic, divided start when Never-Trump protesters pushed for a roll call vote.

Jenner mentioned at the brunch that three Republican state representatives had been arrested for "lewd behavior" in a men's restroom at a time when no transgender people were arrested for their behavior in the bathrooms, according to The Associated Press.

"Maybe what we should do is ban Republican representatives at a state level from being in the men's room," Jenner said.