What Carly Fiorina Has Been Up to Since She Suspended Her Campaign

Ending her bid didn't keep her off the campaign trail.

The former Hewlett-Packer CEO was the fourth Republican to join the presidential race, making the announcement on "Good Morning America" on May 4.

Nine months later, she suspended that campaign after the New Hampshire primary. She won 1 delegate in the Iowa primary.

In a Facebook post announcing her decision to leave the race, she said that she would "continue to travel this country and fight for those Americans who refuse to settle for the way things are and a status quo that no longer works for them."

According to Federal Election Commission campaign filings, Fiorina's campaign has no outstanding debts.

"He is a fearless fighter and reformer and he didn't much care whether he got invited to the cocktail parties in D.C. We know Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative because he has fought for our liberties over and over again," she said during her endorsement of Cruz.

In addition to hitting Trump, Fiorina has found a way to turn Cruz’s vulnerabilities into a rallying cry for his supporters. When she endorsed Cruz and in appearances that followed, she picked apart the image that Cruz is hated in Washington.

"You know, people say all the time, we are all known by the company we keep. I'll tell you what, Ted Cruz should be known [and] is proud to be known by the enemies he has made,” she said on March 9.

She regularly posts clipped videos from her speeches and shares photos of her campaigning for Cruz with the senator and his wife Heidi.

Cruz has confirmed that Fiorina is being vetted as a possible vice presidential pick, but no offers had been made at that point, according to source familiar with the matter.

Cruz has also teased a "big announcement" at his press conference later this afternoon, ramping up speculation that Fiorina could be part of his potential ticket.

She didn't do much to quiet the buzz, posting this cryptic message on Tuesday.