Carson, Trump, Fail to Show Policy Prowess in GOP Debate, ABC Contributors Say

This debate likely produced few gamechangers, ABC contributors say.

Winners and Losers


The son and brother of two former Presidents once again needed to have a breakout night. And once again, he didn’t, although he refrained from attacking his protégé Rubio. “I know he has a ton of money and great credentials on paper, but at some point you have to show people voting for you that you’re a strong man,” Granderson said. Dowd agreed, commenting that could be why he isn’t resonating with voters. “This is an election where they’re searching for strength. Jeb doesn’t have that manly quality people want,” he noted.

HOW WILL THE STAGE CHANGE FOR THE NEXT DEBATE?Both agree that Fiorina, Kasich, and likely Rand Paul are teetering on the edge of the undercard debate. “I would be really surprised to see Fiorina on the stage again,” Granderson said.