Charles Koch: Why We're Skipping Convention Where Paul Ryan Won't Be GOP's 'White Knight'

Charles Koch says his political network will sit out this year's RNC convention.

“Why go?” Koch said of his network "Freedom Partners" attending the convention in Cleveland. “We're not interested in politics. We’re interested in moving us towards a culture and policies that will enable people to improve their lives.”

“We've tried to change it,” Koch said, adding he and his brother are “hopeful” something good will come out of the convention.

“So we've tried to change that for the better, but we haven’t been successful," he said.

While Koch said Ryan is “better on the issues” than the remaining field, he doesn’t think it would be appropriate to hand him the nomination as a “white knight” in the event of a contested convention.

“I don’t see how he could win,” Koch said. “If he did, I mean that would create the impression this whole thing is rigged, which -- that's the opposite of the direction we want to go.”