Everything You Need to Know About Chelsea Clinton's Baby

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky was born Friday.

September 27, 2014, 11:35 AM

— -- At last, Bill and Hillary Clinton have the grandchild they've always wanted.

Early Saturday morning, Chelsea Clinton tweeted out the happy news that she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, welcomed a daughter named Charlotte.

While we may not know what this means for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and whether we'll see the little girl traveling on the campaign trail, we do know she's probably someone worth getting to know.

Chelsea Clinton Welcomes a Daughter

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So, while we wait for grandma's big decision, here's everything you need to know about this newest, littlest Clinton.

What's Her Full Name?

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

Why Charlotte?

It's not quite clear what prompted mom and dad to pick the name Charlotte, the feminine form of Charles, meaning "freedom." However, a number of strong, independent women in history have had the same name.

Which Other Charlottes?

For one, it's the name of many former British queens. It's also the name of the charming heroine in E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web" and of the pioneering English novelist and poet, Charlotte Bronte.

If We Want to Send a Card, What's Her Birthday?

September 26, 2014.

At what time?

7:03 p.m. ET.


Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Can We See a Photo?

Yep. Mom and both grandparents have tweeted out a photo with the little girl.

What About the Usual Vitals -- Height, Weight, etc.?

Nope. Those haven't been released.

With Whom Does She Share a Birthday?

Christine Todd Whitman, Olivia Newton-John, Jim Caviezel, Christina Milian, Winnie Mandela and Serena Williams all were born on Sept. 26.

Did We Know the Due Date?

We did not. However, in recent weeks, both grandparents offered hints that their grandchild would be arriving very soon.

Two weeks ago in Iowa, Hillary Clinton warned they might have to sprint off the stage at any moment if Chelsea went in to labor. This past week, Bill Clinton let it slip he expected his grandchild to come before Oct. 1.

When Did We First Learn Chelsea Clinton Was Pregnant?

She made the announcement on April 17 while on stage with her mother at a women and girl's event in downtown Manhattan.

Why Now?

It's what Chelsea Clinton says she wanted. Last November, she told Glamour magazine that 2014 would be the "Year of the Baby," pleading for people to "call my mother and tell her that. She asks us about it every single day."

How Excited Is Hillary Clinton?

Very excited.

Did We Know It Would Be a Girl?

We did not know, and neither did she. Chelsea and her husband said they decided they wanted it to be a surprise.

What Is Her Zodiac Sign?

Libra. Hillary Clinton's hero, Eleanor Roosevelt, is a Libra, too, along with someone much less revered by the Clintons: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Where Will She Live?

As far as we know, Charlotte will grow up with her parents and their dog, Soren, in the family's apartment in New York City.

Is There a Theme for Her Nursery?

Actually, yes. Chelsea Clinton has said she plans to decorate her baby's nursery with elephants.

Why Elephants?

There's actually a very logical explanation why the daughter of two very prominent Democrats has chosen the opposing party's mascot to decorate her baby's room.

Chelsea Clinton recently helped launch a line of elephant-themed gifts to benefit groups working to stop the poaching of African elephants, some of which she reportedly bought for the nursery.

What's Charlotte's Religion?

Marc Mezvinsky is Jewish and Chelsea Clinton was raised Methodist, like her mother, so it's not clear what holidays the new Clinton baby will celebrate.

In 2010, the couple's wedding ceremony was co-officiated by a Jewish rabbi and a Methodist minister, and Chelsea Clinton, who has an interest in interfaith studies, currently serves on a multi-faith leadership board at New York University. Charlotte could likely grow up, as they say, "both."

What's Her Political Future?

It's hard to resist speculating about whether Charlotte is in line to be a future president, but Chelsea Clinton has squashed any assumption her child will be forced into the family business.

"I'll be thrilled if they're blessed with the [singing] voice that I didn't have, and if they want to make an artistic contribution to the world, that will make me equally as happy if they want to make a philanthropic or a political one," she said at an event in May.

How does Grandpa Feel About This?

Former President Bill Clinton hasn't said he wants his grandchild to enter philanthropy or politics, but in an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos this week, he said he wants his grandchild to grow up realizing that being a Clinton means she will "have certain obligations," particularly "to people who don't have all the opportunities they'll have."

We Know We're Getting a Little Ahead of Ourselves But We Had to Ask: When Could She Run for President?

If the Clinton heir does take to politics, 2052 is the earliest year she could run for the presidency. Charlotte will turn 35 years old, the youngest required age to run for president of the United States, in 2049.

What Are the Chances She Could Be a Republican?

Unlikely, or so says Chelsea Clinton.

When asked what she would do if her child grew up to be a Republican, Chelsea said: "I would find that very hard to believe."

Is There Anything Chelsea Clinton Is Worried About?

Mom may not be worried about her baby's political affiliation, but she has expressed another concern for her daughter. Clinton, speaking recently about the plight of African elephants, said she lives in fear her child will "grow up in a planet without elephants."

Does the Clinton Baby Mean Anything for Hillary in 2016?

When this question was first raised after Chelsea Clinton announced her pregnancy, many people called sexism.

"Would you ever ask this of a man running for office?" some claimed. But becoming a grandmother and enjoying whatever that has to offer is something that Hillary Clinton herself has pointed to when asked why she might not run in 2016. So, yes, if Hillary Clinton surprises all and decides against running for president, the new granddaughter could be a reason why.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Well, for one, Charlotte has three grandparents who were in Congress and one who was president. Regardless of your politics, that's still pretty darn cool.

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