Chris Christie Says He Had 'No Pathway to Victory'

Christie said he wouldn't have qualified for the next debate.

"I wasn't going to be on the stage for the debate, and if I wasn't going to be on the debate, we just didn't see a pathway to victory," the New Jersey governor said.

"As much as we wanted to stay in the race, and continue to articulate our message, we just didn't feel comfortable getting on the phone and asking any of the rest of you to donate money yourselves and get your friends and colleagues to donate as well," he continued.

Christie said he is not on the cusp of endorsing any other candidate in the 2016 race but that just about everyone except for Ted Cruz has reached out asking for his support.

"I have no regrets today, none at all," he added. "The only regret I have is that I wish I'd delivered a better result for all of you."