Chris Christie Takes Break From Campaign Trail to Attend Bruce Springsteen Concert

Christie took a break from campaigning to take in a Springsteen show.

— -- He's trading the campaign trail for Thunder Road -- at least for a night.

Tonight's concert marks the governor’s 136th Springsteen concert, a fact he broadcast on Twitter ago along with a photo of his view from the concert.

The New Jersey governor rushed from his final town hall of the day with unusual haste Thursday, apologizing to the audience after an hour-and-a-half question-answer session that he was running behind schedule for another event before excusing himself with minimal glad-handing.

Christie did not have another event listed on his public schedule and his campaign would not provide any details about the next event that forced the governor's hasty exit at the time. It was only after the governor had tweeted about his presence at Thursday night's concert that his campaign confirmed his whereabouts.

While Christie has a committed allegiance to his fandom for Springsteen, who like Christie calls the Garden State home, Christie has also admitted recently to having a musical crush on Adele.