CIA Pick Mike Pompeo Vows No Return of US Torture Program

Pompeo testified at his confirmation hearing today.

“I think [terrorism] presents the most immediate threat to personal risk to a person living in south-central Kansas,” Rep. Mike Pompeo, a Republican from Kansas, said during his Senate confirmation hearing.

“I voted for the change that put the Army Field Manual in place as a member of Congress,” Pompeo added. “I understand that law very, very [much] and … there is no doubt in my mind about the limitations placed not only on the DOD but on the intelligence agency, and I’ll always comply with the law.”

The number of terrorist groups around the world is growing, and ISIS “has metastasized,” according to Pompeo.

“The list is long” of terrorists who desperately want to do the United States harm, he said. “I put North Korea, China and Russia right up there alongside them ... The nuclear powers are the ones that have the biggest threat to do catastrophic harm in the United States."