Clinton to Trump on 2020 run: 'Don't tempt me'

The two faced off during the 2016 elections and often had heated exchanges.

“Don’t tempt me,” Cliton replied. “Do your job.”

The two faced off during the 2016 elections and often had heated exchanges on the debate stage. With Trump suggesting that Hillary was "crooked" and Clinton suggesting that some his supporters were "deplorables."

Since then, Clinton has often been a foil for the president, a symbol of sorts for what he sees as a cronyism style of government.

Clinton, for her part, has been deeply critical of the Trump administration's policies on a wide range of topics. On ABC's "The View" Wednesday she weighed in on whether Trump should face an impeachment inquiry.

"I think it became absolutely unavoidable," Clinton said of the congressional investigation and impeachment inquiry stemming from Trump's controversial phone call with Ukraine's new president on July 25.

"People can argue back and forth about what he might have done or what we think he did on a range of other issues, but this was in his pursuit of his official duties as President of the United States, and that phone call very clearly indicates an effort to not only pressure, but in effect extort the president of Ukraine over much necessary medical military assistance that had already been passed by Congress," the former secretary of state continued.

Thus far, however, she had not suggested entering the 2020.

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