Colbert: Trump putting a 'pillow over the Constitution's face' with latest request

Colbert said Trump is killing the Constitution by urging a probe into the FBI.

Stephen Colbert said the president is smothering the Constitution by asking the Department of Justice to investigate the FBI.

"Sometimes you just have to pull the car over, get a breath of fresh air, maybe puke in the grass," the "The Late Show" host said Tuesday. "Today is one such day, because the president of the United States has ordered the people investigating him to investigate their investigation of him."

Colbert's reaction came after President Donald Trump tweeted that he would "demand" the Justice Department investigate whether his 2016 presidential campaign was improperly "infiltrated or surveilled" for political purposes by an alleged FBI informant.

Some people are calling this a Constitutional crisis, but I don't know about that. A constitutional crisis requires one branch of government to push back against another branch of government," Colbert said. "But everybody here is pushing in the same direction, and it's down with a pillow over the Constitution's face going, 'Shhh. It will be over soon.'"

"It's gotten so bad," he added, "the opening words have gone from, 'We the people' to 'Help, I forgot the safe word.'"