Congress members met with crowds and protests at town halls

The future of the Affordable Care Act was a common concern.

— -- As members of Congress return to their districts across the country during a legislative recess, many are hearing from concerned constituents.

In a town hall in Cherry Creek, New York, there was a strong exchange between several people and Reed on Trump's possible ties to Russia. Every time Reed was asked about Russia and the possibility of an investigation, he said that there was no evidence to suggest any wrongdoing so he did not see the need for an investigation.

Some of those organizing ways to confront lawmakers and make their voices heard are tagging their efforts online as #ResistanceRecess.

At Democratic Rep. Adriano Espaillat's town hall in New York City on Saturday, the mood of the audience seemed relatively calm and less confrontational than at some congressional representatives' home-district events.

Some groups are organizing their own events around the country to protest Congress or Trump administration policies, such as by holding rallies or going to lawmaker’s offices.