Cruz on GOP health reform: 'I believe we can get it done'

"I believe we can get it done. I think there is an agreement,” Cruz said.

“That's an understandable policy concern,” Cruz said. But he said he doesn't believe there would be a big increase in premiums for those not in the low-cost plans because "there's going to be significant assistance" for people buying the more expensive health plans.

“We've got two major sources of taxpayer revenue -- the first are the tax credits, the second are over $100 billion of stabilization funds,” Cruz said.

The senator said his proposal, called the consumer freedom amendment, is a "compromise" to bring conservative and moderate Senate Republicans together.

“I think really the consumer freedom option is the key to bringing Republicans together and getting this [Obamacare] repeal passed, and what that says is you, the consumer, should be able to choose what health care you want to buy," he said.

Stephanopoulos asked what happens if the Senate health care bill fails.

"I agree with the president" on repealing the Affordable Care Act first and then replacing it "a year or two years from now," Cruz said.