Dem candidates can't be just anti-Trump: Moulton on Powerhouse Politics

Democrats demand "a new generation of leaders" says a top party official.

But in Moulton's view, it's a mistake to rally Democratic troops around a theme of a hypothetical impeachment.

“We’re not going to just complain about the president or complain about the Republicans, even though there are a lot of things that are very legitimate to complain about. We’re going to put forward a positive agenda that shows how everybody in America can have a role in the economy that shows what it means to have a smart and secure national defense.”

One of his picks, Amy McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot with three kids, won her primary in the 6th Congressional District in Kentucky.

Moulton argues that Democrats can win in red states by standing up to Washington, moving more to the middle on political issues, and making the economy a top priority.

Even though one of his recruits won her primary, Moulton tips his hat to the GOP. “The Republicans have actually done a better job. The Republicans have gotten out and recruited new people to run. If you look at their leadership in the House, it’s much younger and more dynamic than ours.”

"I've yet to see whether or not he actually wants to pursue it. He's a modest guy, but he is exactly the kind of new generation of leaders that I think we need."