Dem VP Pick Tim Kaine Breaks Out Harmonica, Serenades Brewery

Nominee Tim Kaine played his harmonica while his wife clogged.

ByABC News
August 15, 2016, 10:55 PM

— -- Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine attempted to woo North Carolinian voters tonight by breaking out his harmonica and jamming with a band at an Asheville brewery. His wife, Anne Holton, got in on the fun, clogging as her husband played.

This is the first time Kaine has publicly displayed his harmonica skills on the trail. He played backstage at the Democratic National Convention last month and on the campaign bus when he toured Ohio and Pennsylvania with running mate Hillary Clinton.

Tonight, after dining on barbecue and beer with staff at Buxton Barbecue, the Virginia senator walked next door to Catawba Brewing Co. and headed for the mic. The senator told CNN earlier this summer that he carries six harmonicas with him when he travels.

Kaine first played the song "Wagon Wheel." Accompanied by musicians Nikki Talley and Jason Sharp, he then played another song, "My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains."

He took a break from the mouth harp to sing, too. As he entertained the crowd, he encouraged his wife to come up front. While Kaine sang and played harmonica, his wife decided to dance. She began clog-dancing to the song.

Holton later said that while the beat was a little slower than she would usually use to clog-dance, her husband really wanted her to join him and others in the audience also encouraged her.

She reportedly likes to clog-dance.

After jamming, Kaine headed to the bar and got an ale dubbed White Zombie that is made by the local brewery.

"That felt great,” said Kaine of his turn on the mic. “Nothing makes me more nervous than doing that. But it's good to get out of your comfort zone. Asheville is a pretty good place.”

Kaine first warmed up his vocal chords earlier in the night when he led his press corps in a sing-along of happy birthday to his communications director, Karen Finney.

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