Democrat: Trump 'enthusiastic' about call for Medicare to negotiate drug prices

The Maryland Democrat said he spoke to Trump on the issue three times recently.

Cummings said he met three times over the past week with the president about drug prices.

Stephanopoulos asked Mulvaney: “So is the administration going to get fully behind this idea to have Medicare negotiate drug prices directly?”

“The president -- I was surprised on Friday evening when he called me Friday evening. He called me Friday morning … So we have had now three discussions with regard to this issue,” said Cummings.

When Stephanopoulos noted that Mulvaney “didn’t seem to endorse” the proposal for Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, the congressman replied, “Yes, I heard that."

Cummings said Trump "made it clear to me that he was going to do something about" drug prices. “So we will see.”