Democrats open to single-payer health insurance, a party leader says

Single-payer insurance among a number of health insurance options, Schumer said.

He previewed his party’s new economic agenda, dubbed A Better Deal, which he said will be rolled out Monday.

“This is sharp, bold and will appeal to both the old Obama coalition and the Democratic voters who deserted us for [Donald] Trump,” Schumer said.

“The No. 1 thing we did wrong is we didn’t tell people what we stood for,” the senator said. “When you lose an election, you look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘What did we do wrong?’”

The party’s new economic agenda is an effort to set out a plan for the country that is not “left or right” but for everyone, he said.

The economic plan is “just the beginning,” Schumer said. “Week after week, month after month, we’re going to roll out specific pieces here that are quite different than the Democratic Party you heard in the past.”