Donald Trump 'Seriously Considering' Ben Carson for HUD Cabinet Position

This comes after Ben Carson ruled out a position citing lack of experience.

ByABC News
November 22, 2016, 7:49 PM

— -- After President-elect Donald Trump tweeted today that he's "seriously considering" Dr. Ben Carson for a cabinet position -- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development -- following their meeting Tuesday at Trump Tower, the retired doctor's adviser said he will weigh the option.

Carson adviser Armstrong Williams told ABC News just one week ago that Carson would not be accepting a cabinet position because he didn't feel prepared to run an entire agency due to lack of government experience. But today, Williams said that Carson, who has had a close relationship with Trump after dropping out of the race for president, will think about the president-elect's requests.

"Dr. Carson has tremendous respect for the president-elect and will always consider whatever request the president-elect makes of him," Williams told ABC News after Carson's meeting with Trump.

When pressed for details about today's meeting, Williams said Trump's tweet speaks for itself.

A week ago, Williams said that the only way Carson would accept a cabinet position was if Trump could not find anyone else.

Carson echoed that sentiment in an interview with the Washington Post last week.

"I’ve said that if it came to a point where he absolutely needs me, I’d reconsider. But I don’t think that’s the situation with these positions," Carson told the Washington Post. "Having me as a federal bureaucrat would be like a fish out of water, quite frankly.”

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