Donald Trump Calls Sen. Lindsey Graham a ‘Nut Job’ While in South Carolina

The GOP front-runner called the state’s senior senator “a disgrace."

ByABC News
February 17, 2016, 12:27 PM

— -- Donald Trump hurled a barrage of insults at former Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham in the senator’s home state of South Carolina today.

The GOP front-runner called the state’s senior senator “a disgrace” and a “nut job,” among other things -- apparently retribution for criticism Graham has been leveling against Trump.

“I think you have one of the worst representatives of all the representatives in the U.S.,” Trump said at a campaign appearance in Bluffton.

Trump said Graham “lost it” during an appearance on Fox News this morning in which the senator called Trump a “kook,” “crazy” and “unfit for office.”

“At the end of the day, he would be the most flawed nominee in the history of the Republican Party,” said Graham, who is backing Jeb Bush.

In response, Trump declared Graham the “dumbest human being.”

“He went crazy,” Trump told the crowd at his first event of the day. “The guy is a nut job.”

The real estate mogul, who is holding onto a wide lead in the polls ahead of the Palmetto State’s Saturday GOP primary, went on to say he doesn’t want an endorsement from the South Carolina senator, let alone “anything to do with him.”

“I could push him over with a little thimble,” Trump snapped, adding later in his remarks: “I don’t think he could run for dogcatcher in this state and win again. I really don’t.”

Graham has been campaigning with Bush and said in an interview on ABC News' “Good Morning America” earlier this week that he would have to “re-evaluate” whether to support Trump were he to become the GOP nominee.