Donald Trump Calls Uproar About Melania's Speech 'Very Unfair'

The GOP presidential nominee said a cloud had lifted off his wife.

McIver said she offered her resignation, but the Trump family rejected it. McIver said that she'd never crosschecked the text for duplicated lines from the first lady's speeches.

Trump told Stephanolopoulos today that McIver was a "terrific" person who'd simply made a mistake.

"She's been with me a long time," Trump said of McIver. "She's a very good person. She came to see me because she hated to see the conflict. ... People make mistakes. You've made mistakes. We all make mistakes.

"And I guess maybe if she weren't with me for a long time and if I didn't know how good she was -- I've done books with her that have been best-sellers. ... She came forward and just said, 'Look, it was a mistake that I made' and she thought it was very unfair to Melania."