Donald Trump: Chief Justice Roberts Upheld Obamacare 'to Be Popular in the Beltway'

Trump says Roberts "really let us down."

"There was no legal reason why he shouldn't have ended Obamacare the first time or second time, but in particular the first time, but the second time was even clearer," Trump continued. "So when talk about Supreme Court and judges, he's so disappointing to me."

"We have three or four very good ones, but a man I think is highly underrated, he's been so consistent for so long and we should give him credit: Clarence Thomas," Trump said. "Scalia is terrific, but Clarence Thomas has been so consistent ... he has been very strong and consistent and I really respect that."

Trump’s praise for Scalia comes after a week when the justice was swept up in controversy after he suggested during court arguments over an affirmative action program that some black students might belong in "slower-track" universities.