Donald Trump Fan Calls Herself 'Living Proof' Women Back Him 'Head to Toe'

PHOTO: Barbara Tomasino, a former elementary school librarian from Plano, Texas, is wearing a dress she made comprised of images of Donald Trump.PlayJordyn Phelps/ABC News
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Meet Barbara Tomasino, a former elementary school librarian from Plano, Texas, who says she is, quite literally, “living proof that women support Trump from head to toe.”

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Modeling a handmade dress – a patchwork of photos of the Republican front-runner – Tomasino says she made the dress Thursday night to wear to today’s daytime rally in Ft. Worth.

“I whipped it up,” she told ABC News in an interview. “I’m a former elementary school librarian, so we’re very creative. We have to do things spur of the moment, so voila.”

This particular dress, her fourth Trump-inspired outfit, is part of her “spring collection,” she says.

“Ivanka needs to call me up,” she said of Trump’s daughter, a businesswoman who works for her dad.

“I also have a collection of shoes and purses,” Tomasino says, gesturing to the Trump photo decals on her ballet flats.

Her purse also bears a large photo of the GOP presidential candidate.

As for Trump's appeal to women, some recent polling shows his faring better among men. A CBS national poll last week found 39 percent support among men, compared to 31 percent for women.

But for supporter Tomasino, this is the third Trump rally she has attended since September, always sporting her distinctive apparel.

She’s certainly succeeded in gaining media attention. Now, if only she could only catch Trump’s eye.

“I wish he could see my dress in person,” she said, “because it’s not the same in photos.”