Donald Trump Is Against 'Gun-Free Zones' But Guns Aren't Allowed on Many of His Properties, Staff Says

Donald Trump, who was endorsed by the NRA, said he is against "gun-free zones."

ByABC News
May 20, 2016, 6:06 PM
Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association convention, May 20, 2016, in Louisville, Ky.
Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association convention, May 20, 2016, in Louisville, Ky.
Mark Humphrey/AP Photo

— -- Donald Trump spoke in favor of gun rights at the National Rifle Association convention today, but security and staff at several of his prized hotels and golf courses told ABC News that guests are not allowed to carry guns there.

The Trump Organization, meanwhile, claims that’s not true.

“We strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment and are against gun free zones. While laws vary substantially from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, we allow security personnel and other licensed individuals the ability to carry a firearm in an effort to protect themselves, our guests, associates and the general public,” a spokesperson told ABC News by email.

There are “no restrictions on licensed individuals carrying in our hotels of golf clubs,” a Trump Organization official told ABC News.

Hotel staff and security personnel at several Trump properties told a different story, when reached by phone by ABC.

Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s posh Florida club, doesn’t allow guns, a hotel staff member told ABC News.

Trump National Doral, in Miami, Florida, doesn’t allow guns either, a security official told ABC News. The resort would “much rather not” have guns on the property, said a security official with the hotel, who noted that guns are “not to be carried on our property.”

“We’ve had guests that have brought them before,” he said, but those guns “had to remain in their safe the whole time in the room.”

A security worker at Trump National in Jupiter, Florida, said “no” when asked if guns were allowed on premises by citizens who are licensed to carry them. Asked about exceptions for people like off-duty cops, the staff member directed ABC News to a supervisor, who said the hotel had no comment at all on guns at the property.

Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach County, Florida, also doesn’t allow citizens with concealed-carry licenses to bring their guns on the property, a golf-shop worker told ABC News.

A security official at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas would not comment and told ABC News the question would have to be handed over to a public relations staffer. Trump Winery, in Virginia, told ABC News that it does allow people to carry guns on the premises, as long as they're not drinking.