Donald Trump Says 'It Would Be Helpful If the Republicans Could Help Us a Little Bit'

Donald Trump says he will self-fund campaign if GOP doesn't rally behind him.

June 18, 2016, 4:44 PM

LAS VEGAS — -- The presumptive nominee of the Republican Party seems to be having a problem with the Republican Party.

"We're going to beat Hillary. And it would be helpful if the Republicans could help us a little bit," Donald Trump said Saturday at a rally at the Treasure Island Resort in Las Vegas.

Repeatedly throughout his remarks, Trump returned to the party, saying that over the course of the last several days he has "raised 12 or 13 million dollars for the Republican Party." As the New York Times reported earlier this week, Trump's schedule for the last several days has been tied to fundraisers so that he can hold both public rallies and private donor meetings, to build a war chest not just for his campaign, but for the party that is expected to nominate him next month in Cleveland.

"I want them to come together, it's great. But if for any reason they get a little bit like they don't want to help out as much, then I'll fund my own campaign. I'd love to do that. I'd love to do that. You know, right now, I'm raising a lot of money for the Republican party," he said.

Trump addressed those Republicans who say they still plan to attempt to stop the New York billionaire at next month's convention.

"They're trying to get delegates. I thought they already tried that. I mean, I could give you names but I won't because it's meaningless," he said. "First of all, it's illegal. Second of all, you can't do it. Third of all, we -- not me, we got 14 almost 14 million votes."

Trump will close out the week with another rally later Saturday in Phoenix.