Donald Trump Wants to Make Republican Party 'the Home of the African-American Vote Once Again'

He wants to make Republican Party "the home of the African-American vote."

"There are millions of African-Americans in this country who have succeeded so greatly and who deserve a government that protects and honors their incredible contribution," he said. "But we also have to talk about the millions of African-Americans who remain trapped in poverty and failing schools. I’ve spoken a lot in recent days abut the deplorable conditions in many of our inner cities.

"She was the mother of four, and was killed while pushing her infant child in a stroller just walking down the street, shot," Trump said. "It breaks all of our hearts to see it, it's horrible, it's horrible and it's only getting worse."

"The whole world has been shocked by the continuing revelations regarding Hillary Clinton and her pay-for-play State Department and other things. Now it was just announced that her important calendar records will not be released, even though they have them, to the public until after the election because there's too much stuff on that. They want it after the election. It's only -- it's terrible. It's terrible. It's protection from a corrupt, rigged system. It's disgusting," Trump said.

Trump was joined on stage at the end of his remarks by just about all of Iowa's state-wide elected Republican office holders, with the exception of Sen. Chuck Grassley, who spoke earlier than Trump.