Donald Trump Set to Give 'Major' Immigration Speech

The Republican presidential candidate has been previewing his speech.

The speech comes after Trump and his campaign staff differed when describing portions of his policy relating to immigration, indicating that there might be changes from what he has previously mentioned on the trail.

Trump will also meet with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto today. Trump's past comments on building a wall on the southwestern border and making Mexico pay for it, and his references to Mexico "sending people that have lots of problems" to the U.S. -- including "rapists" -- set off a firestorm on both sides of the border.

The biggest change to Trump's immigration stance seems to center around the previously planned deportation force that would have been dedicated to removing people who now live in the United States but originally arrived illegally. In recent weeks, Trump has appeared to be wavering on what to do with some longstanding residents who have families and jobs and no criminal history.

Trump's communications director Jason Miller previewed the speech on Tuesday on Fox News, saying that "nothing's changed with Mr. Trump's stance."

Trump himself has also been promoting the speech on Twitter.