Donald Trump Slaps China for Sucking the 'Blood Out of the United States'

GOP front-runner turns his attention to currency values.

Experts and investors worry that the currency devaluation might make it harder for the Chinese to buy goods from Western companies.

Speaking to reporters before his speech, the front-running GOP presidential candidate said he plans to roll out specific policy ideas in the next two weeks but would not say which proposal would be coming first.

His message? "Rand, I've had you up to here," Trump said, while raising his hand in the air shortly below his chin.

“You could take dollar for dollar — although I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues — but if you took dollar for dollar, there are many extraordinarily fine community health organizations that exist to provide quality care for women on a wide variety of health issues,” Bush said.

"It's my second-favorite book of all time," Trump said. "Do you know what my first is? The Bible! Nothing beats the Bible."