Donald Trump 'Very Strongly' Considering 2016 Presidential Bid

Trump gives his latest hint at a 2016 run.

“A lot of people think I’m having fun with it, that I’m playing games, that I enjoy the process. And I do enjoy the process to a certain extent,” Trump said. “Frankly I just think we need something very good, very fast or we’re going to be in very big trouble as a country.”

“Do we have to announce the torture report?” Trump asked. “There are so many things that I see in this country, whether it’s common sense or whatever. And I have a really big voice. I have, you know, millions and millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook. And when I say something some people don’t like it, but most people do like it.”

Trump looked back on his most recent run at the presidency saying, “four years ago I was leading in the polls, I was beating everybody in the polls,” and said that if he were to make an announcement this time it would come in “March, April or May” of 2015.

“I would rather do what I’m doing than run for president,” Trump said. “But I also love the country more, and I just think that unless I see somebody that’s outstanding I would be very much be inclined to do it.”