Donald Trump Surprised on 'Kimmel' With Dr. Seuss-Like 'Losers' Book

The book was called “Winners Aren’t Losers They Are Winners Like Me!"

Kimmel says he wrote the book, but put Trump’s name on it to sell more copies. One of the lines the crowd loved was “Those losers are failures who get nothing done – just do what I do and you’ll be number one!”

Kimmel asked him if he really thought Bush would have killed baby Hitler, a comment the former Florida Governor made several months ago. “No, he’s too nice,” Trump said.

Kimmel then asked Trump what he would do -- “No comment,” he said.

Kimmel followed up asking if he has any reaction to others saying his words are fueling ISIS. "I don’t buy it," he said. "We need strength in this country. Our military is being dissipated!"

Kimmel also read out loud the letter from Trump’s doctor proclaiming him in excellent health. While reading, Trump flexed his muscles. Trump said he told his doctor he would be the healthiest President ever. “He probably took my words and put them down,” he said.