Donald Trump Troll Mark Cuban Well Positioned for 1st Presidential Debate

The Dallas Mavericks owner has "one of the best seats" in the house.

ByVeronica Stracqualursi and Liz Kreutz
September 23, 2016, 1:33 PM

— -- Mark Cuban will be trolling his business rival Donald Trump during the first presidential debate.

The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks owner tweeted that he'll be sitting front row for the first faceoff between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, referring to the Monday night debate as the "Humbling at Hofstra."

The Clinton campaign confirmed it did invite Cuban and that his ticket is "one of the best seats we have available" at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.

“I’m excited to see what happens, but I really don’t know what to expect," Cuban told ABC News today at the red carpet premiere for the ABC show "Shark Tank."

"Obviously, I’m a not a Trump fan. I am a Clinton fan," Cuban said. "I think she’d make a great president. I don’t think he’s got the skill set. Let’s put it this way, if he came on 'Shark Tank,' I wouldn’t make the investment. I just don’t see him as being capable in the least bit.”

Cuban officially endorsed Clinton for president on Twitter on July 29 and introduced her and running-mate Sen. Tim Kaine at their campaign rally the next day in Pittsburgh.

During an appearance on the Netflix show "Chelsea," Cuban said he even offered to play the role of Trump in Clinton's mock debates. Cuban said he emailed someone on the campaign but never heard back.

He has emerged as a critic of Trump, questioning whether the New York real estate mogul is actually worth $10 billion, as Trump has claimed, and calling on the Republican presidential nominee to release his taxes.

“What he’s done well is put his name on big buildings. ... He’s good at that. Now, whether or not that makes him a billionaire, I don’t know,” Cuban said of Trump in a June interview on 77 WABC’s “Bernie and Sid Radio Show” in New York City. “He’s not transparent enough for us to know that.”

Cuban trolled Trump recently by offering $10 million in exchange for an interview on Trump's policies.

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