Donald Trump's Op-Ed the Latest Sign of Changes to Campaign Approach

The piece comes after two notable new hires.

Rather than tweeting his frustrations, which has been a long-held practice by the Republican presidential front-runner, he wrote an op-ed for The Wall street Journal that was published Thursday night.

"We must leave no doubt that voters, not donors, choose the nominee," he wrote.

While it's Trump's name on the op-ed's byline, the act of creating such a piece for the Journal to begin with appears to show the markings of other people at work.

"It shows a professional strategy that he had not had up until this point," Dowd said. "It should have happened two months ago."

The op-ed comes days after the addition of Rick Wiley as the campaign's national political director and weeks after the addition of Paul Manafort as convention manager.

"There's a group of people that know what they're doing now that are going to continue to change how the campaign operates moving forward," Dowd said of Manafort and Wiley.