Election 2018: How to report problems at the polls

ABC News and ProPublica are tracking social media and poll problems.

October 30, 2018, 2:55 PM

Washington -- This election season, ABC News is joining a nationwide effort to look out for problems that might delay or hinder your vote.

More than 70 news organizations across the country are participating in Electionland, an initiative from the news nonprofit ProPublica, and will monitor and investigate reports of problems casting ballots or irregularities at the polls.

During Electionland’s inaugural coverage in 2016, two women denied the ability to cast their ballots were able to vote, New York restored access to its elections hotline during early voting, and a Texas poll worker misinterpreting the state’s voter ID law was set straight, according to Pro Publica .

With absentee and early voting already underway and Election Day a week away, readers who experience issues while voting — such as registration problems, purged voter rolls, broken machines, long lines, voter intimidation and changed voting locations — can report those concerns to local election officials.

Such issues can also be flagged to Electionland by:

texting the word “VOTE”, “VOTA” (for Spanish) or the Chinese character for vote to 81380;

— sending the word VOTE, VOTA (for Spanish) or the Chinese character for vote on WhatsApp to 850-909-8683;

— tagging or direct messaging @Electionland on Twitter;

— or sending a message on Facebook at m.me/electionland

In addition to these direct reports, ABC News and the Electionland team will monitor social media posts and search data in real-time to discern if voting problems are occurring.

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