EPA chief still won't say if President Trump believes climate change is a hoax

"I think the whole question is an effort to get it off the point," Pruitt said.

"I think the whole question is an effort to get it off the point, and the issue of whether Paris is good for this country or not," Pruitt responded. "The president has indicated the climate changes."

Stephanopoulos pressed on the issue of whether human activity contributes to global warming, "Very simply, do you know if President Trump still believes that climate change is a hoax?"

The EPA chief said his conversations with the president focused on whether the Paris Climate Agreement was good or not for the country, and not his views on climate change.

Trump has previously said he believes global warming is a “hoax,” and in September 2015 told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, "I'm not a believer in man-made global warming.”

On Sunday, Pruitt accused what he called the "environmental left" of false outrage at the president's decision to exit the agreement, which was signed in late 2015.

At the time the agreement was signed, "We were reducing our CO2 print substantially," he said.

"We are leading with action, not words," Pruitt added. "When you look at Paris, frankly, when you look at what was supposed to be achieved there by other nations across the globe, it was very little. It was criticized by the environmental left."

In addition, the EPA director said the president is still committed to work internationally on combating climate change.

"The president indicated very clearly, that engagement by this country internationally is going to continue," said Pruitt.