EXCLUSIVE: Chris Christie Was Interrogated By Feds Over Bridge Scandal

Christie met with FBI agents last month during a secret session at his home.

Anyone being questioned by federal agents is required to tell to the truth or potentially face criminal charges. The governor was accompanied by his personal attorney, Christopher Wray, a former chief of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

Christie Cleared--Sort of--in Bridge Scandal

US Attorney Paul Fishman, who’s leading the investigation, declined to comment on the meeting.

The GWB lane scandal was simmering for much of late 2013, but only burst into national headlines a year ago Thursday when it was revealed that a deputy chief of staff to Christie, Bridget Kelly, had sent an email that appeared to green-light the closing of two out of three local-access lanes to the span – the most heavily traveled in the country. The bridge is operated by the Port Authority, which is controlled jointly by the governors of New Jersey and New York.

Kelly’s words – contained in emails submitted to a state legislature investigative committee – thrust Christie and his inner circle into a crisis first marked by a marathon Statehouse news conference and then two months of dodging questions on the incident. During the meeting with reporters a year ago today, Christie said, “I have nothing to hide. So any questions anybody wants to ask me, they can ask, you know. From law enforcement, you know, anything they want to ask, they can ask. So we have nothing to hide, and this administration has nothing to hide.”

Christie’s session with the feds was scheduled to last as long as the feds wanted. It went on for far more than two hours.

The meeting was termed “professional, collegial and courteous,” by someone familiar with what went on.

Once Kelly’s email was revealed, Christie fired her instantly and cut ties with his former campaign manager, Bill Stepien, who had been widely viewed as the man who would run a Christie presidential campaign.

Though the Mastro report exonerated Christie, it had no effect on the other investigations spawned by GWB scandal, the most wide-ranging of which is the one being led by Fishman. As part of that probe, a federal grand jury spent weeks taking testimony from people on all sides of the case. In April, ABC News reported exclusively that longtime Christie press secretary Mike Drewniak appeared before the grand jury – as a “fact witness” -- for more than two hours to explain what he knows about the scandal.

Christie and his aides are also facing continued scrutiny from a series of other probes being conducted by the Manhattan DA’s office, the legislature and the Port Authority Inspector General. In addition, the results of the FBI probe could be turned over to state prosecutors in the event they want to file their own charges in connection with the lane closing.