What to Expect From Bernie Sanders’ Livestream Tonight

Bernie Sanders will speak directly to his fans tonight in an online live video.

While the senator is not expected to formally bow out of the race or endorse his primary rival Hilary Clinton just yet, he will likely acknowledge, perhaps just subtly, that his campaign is no longer focused on securing the Democratic nomination. Instead, Sanders hopes to keep his fans engaged beyond this election –- exactly how, or engaged in what, remain the million dollar questions.

One way the campaign has sought to “continue” its revolution is by encouraging its fans to donate to a select group of progressive congressional and state level candidates around the country. In many of these fundraising emails, however, the Sanders campaign takes a 50 percent split of the donations along with the other candidate. Beyond maintaining its own small staff and providing some financial assistance to Sanders’ delegates attending the convention in Philadelphia, it is unclear at this point what else the ‘Bernie 2016’ campaign is fundraising for nor how long it can continue to do so.