Fight Goes On for ‘Never Trump’ Movement: ‘He Will Be Stopped,’ Delegate Says

“This is not a sure thing for Donald Trump," he said on "Powerhouse Politics."

The leader of that movement, Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, has told ABC News that she will no longer pursue a minority report.

“He will be stopped,” Correll said, referring to Trump. “This is not a sure thing for Donald Trump. And until he is the nominee, he is not the nominee.”

Matt Moore, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, pushed back, saying that “a person won under the rules that we set out and that should be respected,” referring to Trump.

“I don’t think that even if this did get to the convention floor there’s a majority of delegates who are willing to do something so unprecedented … and wrangle the nomination from someone who duly won the nomination,” Moore said, discussing the possibility of a minority report being submitted to the floor.

Efforts to unbind delegates were set back Thursday night at an RNC Rules Committee meeting. A proposal to unbind delegates was defeated after leaders could not reach the number of votes to even have a discussion.

Unruh, the delegate from Colorado who had been leading efforts to submit a minority report to the convention, told ABC News today that rather than continue to advocate for a vote on the convention floor by submitting a minority report, delegates who are supportive of the unbinding efforts should instead vote their conscience, regardless of party rules.

"The rules committee is not granting us any rights," Unruh told ABC News. "The delegates have the power: Take the power.”

This means that efforts to force a vote on the convention floor have been dropped.

ABC News’ Ryan Struyk, Shushannah Walshe, and John Parkinson contributed to this report.