What Florida’s Top Republican Has to Say About Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio

VIDEO: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Weighs In On 2016 Presidential RacePlayABCNews.com
WATCH Florida Gov. Rick Scott Weighs In On 2016 Presidential Race

Florida Gov. Rick Scott isn’t taking sides – yet – in the game of Home State Favorite he might have to play if both former Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio run for president.

“I hope both of them run because then they’ll go brag about our state,” he told ABC News Radio, but he also noted several governors he likes: Rick Perry of Texas, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Chris Christie of New Jersey. [Listen to excerpts from the interview above].

While Scott has distanced his state’s educational curriculum from the controversial Common Core agenda, which Bush supports and which was implemented in Florida in 2010, he didn’t say whether he thought the issue would weigh Bush down in a primary, only that it really matters to Republican voters in Florida, who overall don’t like it.

“Common Core is a very significant issue. People care. In our state people are very focused on our education system,” he said, adding that folks were “appreciative” that he took the state off the national standards and implemented state-specific ones.

But he praised Bush’s overall record on education.

“We’re doing well in our state. A lot of things he started, we continued,” Scott said.

The governor stopped by ABC News Radio during a trip to Washington, D.C., for a meeting of the bipartisan National Governors Association.