Gen. Stanley McChrystal Not Interested in Being Trump's Vice President

Martha Raddatz reports McChrystal is not interested and has not been contacted.

At the time, Obama said that what McChrystal said in the article "does not meet the standards that should be set by a commanding general."

In the profile tilted "The Runaway General," McChrystal criticized several top U.S. officials. McChyrstal apologized after the article's publication, retired from the military and went on to serve on several leadership boards and teach at Yale University.

Trump seemed to hint at the controversy and getting McChrystal involved in his potential administration during a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, in November 2015.

"We had one general who is really tough -- I won't say his name -- but he got fired because he was very, very, nasty, he wasn't politically correct and everybody said he was our best general, and he used foul language all the time, and he got fired because they interviewed him and he was cursing all over the magazine," he said, with an audience member quickly yelling "Bring him back!"

"Bring him back," Trump responded. "And we might."

McChrystal is not the only general being considered. Sources have confirmed in recent days that retired Gen. Michael Flynn is also being considered as a potential running mate for Trump.