GOP Debate Hunk's Identity Revealed

Mystery solved! But is he single? That's the remaining question.

ByABC News
September 17, 2015, 11:07 AM

— -- Mystery solved…sort of.

Everyone was dying to know who the hunk was sitting behind CNN moderator Jake Tapper at Wednesday night's GOP debate. He stole the spotlight from the Republican presidential candidates and everyone was asking on Twitter: Is he single?

Well, CNN tracked down #HotDebateGuy. Ladies and gentlemen…he's 24-year-old Greg Caruso.

The Los Angeles native and University of Southern California graduate is a filmmaker and the son of wealthy real estate developer Rick Caruso, according to the Daily Mail.

The remaining question is whether Caruso is in a relationship or not. He did not disclose that information.

Overnight, it seemed Caruso gained new found fame equated with "Alex from Target" and "Hot Mugshot Guy."

Luckily for his own sake Caruso doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

While everyone was ogling him, the guy was just trying to watch the debate.

"It's pretty hilarious. Social media can focus on some guy at the debate instead of the debate,” Caruso told CNN.

Of the 11 candidates on stage last night, Caruso likes Jeb Bush, according to CNN, but won't commit to supporting him or any of the other candidates just yet.

"I think out of everyone, (Bush) improved the most from the first debate," he told CNN.