Growing Influence of Reality TV Front and Center at 2016 RNC

From the nominee to the speakers, reality TV stars are in the spotlight.

"[Scott Baio] is at best a D-grade celebrity," Murphy said. "That speaks to the trouble Trump has had in getting A-list celebrities to endorse him, but it also speaks to another thing -- the growing power [of] reality television in our culture."

Baio, the former sitcom star of "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi," found a new audience later in his career with his 2008 VH1 reality show "Scott Baio Is 45...and Single," and its successor, "Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant."

"To adults, Trump is a 70-year-old man," Murphy said. "To younger people, he's a TV star that they grew up with. They see him in a different way because of reality TV."

"I've had prominent reality stars tell me, 'Trump has the best gig in America right now,'" Murphy said.