5 New Hampshire Diners Presidential Candidates Need to Visit to Win the State's Primary

Touring the yummiest campaign stops in the Granite State.

Well, it wasn’t a victory, exactly. He finished second.

But it was a surprisingly good finish for a struggling governor from Arkansas – so good that Clinton declared himself “The Comeback Kid.” The nickname stuck as he surged into the White House.

Here in Manchester, people credit his victory to his love of retail politics: handshake after handshake, meal after meal, in places like the Red Arrow Diner, one of the many eateries presidential candidates need to practically live in if they want to win.

But what diners can turn presidential contenders into winners? ABC’s Brad Mielke is finding out by completing the ultimate New Hampshire Diner Tour: five restaurants, across the state, in one day.

Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, N.H. - Est. 1922New Hampshire’s most ubiquitous campaign stop might seem a little cramped, but the Red Arrow has been welcoming White House hopefuls for decades. The most enthusiastic visitor might have been Bill Clinton, who even went back into the kitchen to meet the cooks. That kitchen, along with the rest of the place, underwent a complete renovation this fall. Now it’s spruced up, just in time for the primary. Owner Carol Lawrence keeps her office just a few blocks away, but you can probably spot her son Tyler working the night shift. As a 24-hour joint, it’s the only diner on this list keeping longer hours than the candidates.

Puritan Backroom in Manchester, N.H. – Est. 1938The Pappas family has been in the restaurant business since 1917, after moving from Greece to open a small ice cream stand. The restaurant on Daniel Webster Highway opened in 1938 and it draws devotees from all over New England in search of its famous chicken tenders. Co-owner Chris Pappas serves on the state’s executive council, and even though he’s endorsed Hillary Clinton, any hungry candidate is welcome to campaign there.