Here's What Happened When Miley Cyrus Trolled Sen. Tom Cotton

The pop star isn't happy with the Republican senator from Arkansas.

Miley Cyrus Expresses Outrage Over Controversial Indiana Law

Indiana Lawmakers Propose Change to Religious-Freedom Law

Cyrus weighed in today about the comments, tweeting Cotton's Washington office number to her 19 million followers, urging them to call and "stir some s*** up!"

When asked today in Washington about his comments and Cyrus' reaction, Cotton did not mention the singer, instead saying, "I'll always stand up to defend religious freedom."

“Religious freedom is a founding principle of this country,” Cotton said. “In fact it goes way back past our founding -- that's one of the reasons the puritans and pilgrims came here. So I'll always stand up to defend religious freedom. I'll also always stand up to keep America safe.”

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, signed an updated version of the religious freedom bill into law today, after requesting changes to the initial bill on Wednesday.