Health care bill deadline looms while senators on both sides wait to see draft

Both Republicans and Democrats wait for a draft and say they will weigh in.

— -- While Senate Republican leaders say they plan to hold a vote on their health care bill by the end of the month, their rank-and-file members are still deeply divided over major parts of the legislation — and virtually none of them have seen a draft of the bill.

"Sen. McConnell said there'd be a vote," he told reporters. Asked whether that meant before July, Barrasso said, "That's what he said."

Rubio indicated that Senate Republicans will need to work on revising the bill together and that they won't simply accept and vote on McConnell's draft.

"Everyone's going to get to weigh in," he said Sunday. "And it's going to take — it's going to take days and weeks to work through that in the Senate."

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are planning to highlight the secrecy surrounding the bill, saying they will debate the issue "late into the evening" in a series of floor speeches Tuesday.

ABC's Ben Siegel contributed to this report.