Hillary Clinton Attends Inauguration, Donald Trump Thanks Clintons at Capitol Lunch

She is following the tradition of former presidents and their spouses attending.

ByABC News
January 20, 2017, 11:28 AM

— -- Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, was present at the Capitol for the inauguration of her former election rival, President-elect Donald Trump.

It's customary for former presidents and first ladies to attend the inauguration of a new president. Clinton honored that tradition, arriving with her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

On Twitter, Clinton wrote she's at the inauguration to "honor our democracy."

Clinton may be making a statement with her outfit choice today, wearing white, the color of the suffragette movement.

The 2016 Democratic nominee wore white during key moments of the campaign, including when she gave her acceptance speech at the DNC in Philadelphia, becoming the first female nominee for president from a major U.S. political party.

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee later attended President Donald Trump's luncheon at the Capitol, where she shook hands with the 45th president.

This was the first contact the two rivals have had since trading jabs at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner held in New York City in October.

President Donald Trump made brief remarks at the luncheon and thanked the Clintons.

"I was very honored, very, very honored when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming today," he said to the room, which filled with applause.

"There's nothing more I can say because I have a lot of respect for those two people, so thank you all for being here," Trump said.

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