Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump’s Claims About Women’s Health ‘Laughable’

Clinton slams Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.

ByABC News
September 8, 2015, 6:38 PM

— -- In an interview with ABC's David Muir Tuesday, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump's claims that he would be better on women's health issues "laughable, if it weren't about a serious issue."

"There he goes again," Clinton answered when Muir asked Clinton what her first reaction is when she hears Trump’s claims.

“We just look at each other, we just shrug,” Clinton said. “I mean, it's just more of the same and we're going to be held to a high standard about what I would do as president. How I would do it. What policies I would promote. What's my vision? How do I get things done? Everybody else should be asked the same.”

Clinton called Trump’s allegation that he would be better on the issue “absurd."

“Women's health is really an important issue to me, personally, as well as the work that I've done for many decades,” she said. “And if that's his position, I look forward, if he is the nominee, to debating him about it.”

Clinton also responded to a tweet from one of Jeb Bush’s sons last week calling the summer of Donald Trump a “reality TV show,” saying it’s “going to be up to the Republicans and the Republican primaries to determine.”

“I'm always a little amused when people get into politics and they think that all you have to do is give speeches and the more colorful you are, the more dramatic, the more vehement you are that's leadership,” Clinton said. “In fact, if you're running to be president of the United States, you have to know every single day that people all over the world really pay attention to what you say. They make decisions, markets rise and fall, armies get bigger or smaller. Things happen with real consequences."

“If we have people whose view of leadership is the kind of rhetoric that gets lots of applause, gets lots of attention, then I think we sell ourselves short,” Clinton told Muir in her first national television interview with an evening news anchor since launching her campaign five months ago.

Muir asked Clinton if Trump is just a leader of rhetoric and speeches and Clinton responded, “He won’t tell you how he would do anything.”

“You try to question him about, ‘Okay, tell me, you want to deport 11 or 12 million people. How are you going to do that?,’” Clinton said referring to Trump’s immigration plan. “’Well, we're, you know, we're just going to tell them to leave and then they can get in line to come back.’”

Clinton noted “that’s hardly a policy."