Hillary Clinton Says Debate With Donald Trump Will Be 'Singular Moment in American History'

Clinton tells David Muir she is "so looking forward" to debating Trump.

“Absolutely, I really am,” Clinton said in an exclusive interview ahead of her remarks at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. "I think it would be a singular moment in American history, because I think I’ll have chance to make clear why I believe why he is not qualified and temperamentally unfit to be president."

“I don’t know what’s in his heart,” she said. “But I know that that comment about the very accomplished federal judge who was born in Indiana to parents from Mexico was a racist attack and I think that has been made clear by the many many voices speaking out against it and many from the Republican side, because clearly this was shocking to people and it went against everything we believe in that this is a meritocracy that people should be able to rise as high as their hard work, their ambition, their talent will take them.”

Trump has said he's the "least racist person" during an interview with CBS.