Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Is Supplying ISIS With 'New Propaganda'

Hillary Clinton says Trump is supplying ISIS with "new propaganda."

December 9, 2015, 4:38 PM

— -- Hillary Clinton invoked the five Sullivan brothers -- the most famous fallen World War II heroes in Waterloo, Iowa -- at her town hall gathering today on the subject of leadership, saying they "acted with resolve, not fear."

Clinton then transitioned to Donald Trump, whose name was met by boos, saying "he does traffic in prejudice and paranoia" by calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

"It's not only shameful, it's dangerous," Clinton said of Trump's rhetoric, telling the crowd of 400 that it "runs counter to what I and others who actually have been in the [White House] Situation Room, making hard choices, know we have to do. We have to enlist help from American Muslims, Muslims around the world in defeating the radical jihadists and the hateful ideology they represent."

Clinton said the vast majority of Muslims "here and abroad are on our side of the fight," and that we should be working with them to combat ISIS. The former secretary of state said Donald Trump is instead supplying ISIS "with new propaganda." Clinton didn't target Trump alone -- she said other GOP candidates are guilty of playing into the hands of terrorists as well.

"Their language may be more veiled -- less, you know, dramatic -- but their ideas aren’t so different," Clinton said at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center. "This is a fight we have to win. And I intend to do everything I can because it is a fight against a brutal enemy who twists a religion, Islam, to justify mass murder."

The five Sullivan brothers, who in part inspired the Academy Award-winning film "Saving Private Ryan," served together on the USS Juneau in WWII and died when their ship was struck by a Japanese torpedo fired from a submarine and sank. Clinton opened and closed her prepared remarks touching on their bravery and telling the crowd that it's okay to be afraid.

"There is no reason not to be afraid. When bad things happen it does cause anxiety and fear. But then you pull yourself together and especially if you wanna be a leader of our country," said Clinton.

After criticizing the Republican frontrunner, Clinton said that now is the time for us to come together "defend ourselves, take on this struggle."

In addition to talking about the Republican field and keeping our nation safe, Clinton highlighted her manufacturing plan after visiting the Waterloo company Cedar Valley TechWorks, which is home the largest 3-D sand-mold printer in the world.

Clinton also talked about her corporate tax loophole push, accusing powerful corporations of gaming the system. Clinton specifically cited the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which she says has "created new drugs with help from federally funded drug research," adding that "corporations don't need a tax break, you do."

Pfizer recently announced a merger with Allergen and that it would move its headquarters to Ireland, where Allergen is based. This would significantly lower the company's tax rate. Clinton opposed this merger last month, and this new "exit tax" she is proposing would apply to it.

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