Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Was 'Unsettled' by Mark Cuban at Debate

Clinton made the comments while campaigning in Iowa today.

"You know, at the debate the other night one of my well-known supporters, Mark Cuban, was there in the front row,” she told a crowd at an outdoor early voting event. “And he really, I think, unsettled my opponent.”

Cuban’s invite was seen as a way for the Clinton camp to at least try to get under Trump’s skin -- a tactic Clinton also used during the debate against her opponent and even today. (During her rally, Clinton described Cuban as a “real billionaire” -- a subtle yet clear jab at Trump’s own wealth.)

Clinton -- who took days off from the campaign trail to study and practice for the debate -- also took a jab at Trump for seeming unprepared.

"I have no idea what he'll say the next time,” she said, referring to the second debate on Oct. 9. “But, you know, I will spend some time preparing for it.”

The focus of Clinton’s Des Moines event today was getting out the vote. Early voting begins today in Iowa, and following the rally, the campaign organized to help bring voters to locations where they could cast their votes.

“The election will be close but we can win Iowa and we’re going to win on Nov. 8,” she said.

Clinton -- whose campaign is worried about voter turnout among Democrats -- also seemed to acknowledge that she may face an enthusiasm issue in her own party.

"I want this election to be about something,” she said, “not just against somebody.”